100 hour Yoga Teacher Training course in Rishikesh

This 100-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course In India program helps the student to reach the inner mind, regain peace and harmony, along with the body to regain its stamina and beauty. 7 Chakras Yoga School get feedback from students from time to time, stating how their lives have changed after completing the training program or retreat, including the habits that have changed, the food they have been eating, destinations they visit, friends they made, and lots more.

Cherish the transformational experience and bliss by opting for 100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course at 7 Chakras Yoga School. Doing yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India must be an amazing experience for you.

7 Chakras Yoga School’s yoga professional are experienced. They offer detailed theoretical and practical yoga knowledge to students. This 100-Hour Yoga Teacher Training program is been designed in a way that includes all important yoga elements including pranayama, meditation, asana, anatomy, Shat Kriyas, mantra chanting, teaching methodology, yoga therapy, practicum, yoga philosophy, Mudra and Bandha, and Ayurveda.