Rishikesh Yoga Teacher Training

Rishikesh Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga in Rishikesh

All the students who sign up for the residential yoga teacher training courses at Jiva Yoga experience the benefits of yoga amidst the goodness of nature. This center is created and run with the main objective of imparting the best possible yoga knowledge to students so they can empower themselves to be a complete human being who is capable of using the power to inspire people towards leading a much better life. In case someone aspires to experience a life full of happiness, calm and advantages of yoga then they must arrive at Jiva Yoga at the earliest.

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  1. If you wish you can practice Yoga with our expert teacher, from the comfort of your own home. The recently launched online programs allows you to receive customized yoga teaching at a pace that suits you. Classes are streamed via Zoom, allowing for the real-time interaction with our teachers. However, Jiva Yoga too permits you to record classes and play them back in order to support your own individual practice. All online classes are conducted by highly experienced Yoga masters.

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