Online Yoga session(One to One)

Jiva Yoga Academy offers Online Yoga Session in India specifically designed for students looking to immerse themselves in an all-inclusive exploration of Yoga.

Our comprehensive yoga classes are conducted by highly experienced and dedicated yoga masters who seek to infuse real traits of a Yogi in those who come to practice and study yoga at Jiva Yoga Academy. Classes are streamed via Zoom, allowing for real-time interaction with an instructor. Jiva Yoga Academy’s online classes are suitable for both entry-level and higher-level yoga students wishing to resume their practice.

Online Yoga session in India

Our Classes and Packs

Take this chance and do your yoga practice. Achieve your goals at the best price ever. Join us and know our inspiring and qualified teachers who will guide you hand to hand in the most personalized way.

Online Yoga in Rishikesh

One Session (One to One)

15 Euro

  • Perfect for individual requirements
  • 40 Minutes session
  • Choose your best time
  • Learn in your own rhythm

Yoga In Rishikesh, India

8 Sessions (One to One)

120 Euro

  • 40 Minutes session
  • Deepen your practice
  • Best Price for Individual Class
  • Get an empowered body posture

Online Yoga in Rishikesh

Two week (One to One)

160 Euro

  • 40 Minutes session
  • Choose your best time
  • Learn at your rhythm
  • Get your motivation high

Yoga for beginner

One month (One to One)

300 Euro

  • Choose your own time
  • Perfect for individual requirements
  • 40 minutes each session
  • Yoga with alignment
  • Flexibility in the schedule for your convenience

Online Yoga Teachers

Two months (One to One)

550 Euro

  • 2 Months Course Monday to Saturday
  • Perfect for individual requirements
  • Choose your best time
  • 40 minutes each session
  • Flexibility in the schedule for your convenience

How does this Online Yoga work?

  • Choose your course or let us know about your program
  • Together we will set your schedule
  • Pay with Paypal or bank transfer
  • Set up your space
  • Start enjoying your empowered version!

Advantage of Online Yoga

  • Learn in the safety of your place and at your pace.
  • Choose your most convenient time.
  • Get a customized teaching.
  • Give meaning to your time by investing in yourself.
  • Get the right motivation for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Let’s move forward together to be an inspiration for the World!
Advance Yoga Class in Rishikesh

Is this Online Yoga for me?

YES, if you..

… want a good practice from the comfort of your own home

… want to unleash your power and discover your best version

… feel stuck in your progress

… need the determination to perform the inversions and the most challenging asanas

… need some tips to gain flexibility or strength

… want to lose weight

… are off of practice and want to resume it

… need some inspirational push to reach your next level

… need to get the right motivation to manifest your best Self

Then you’re in the right place!

Stay Fit, Happy & Healthy

What I will get?

  • Zoom Live Stream Classes
  • Possibility of recording for your own practice
  • Real time interaction with the instructor
  • Tailor made classes for your needs
  • Learn at your own rhythm in the comfort of your home
Yogi Vikas in Eagle Pose