Vikas Pradhan


Ashtanga Yoga & Alignment

Vikas is accomplished teacher of both Ashtanga and Hatha yoga over 8 years experience as a teacher and life long learner of the yogic life style. During the course he will offer friendly expert insights to yoga philosophy and Ashtanga yoga, Where you will learn proper adjustment and alignment of the postures. Vikas is hardworking, sincere, confident and an enthusiastic person - his charisma and fun nature is infectious! he has strong will power and he is always ready to learn new things. Vikas believes in teamwork and prides himself on adapting to any environment or student need with ease. He believes in prefection and dedication.

Parayogi Varun


Philosophy, Meditation, Positive Living, Life Coach

Varun is a guest teacher at Jiva Yoga. At the age of 19 he suffered a tragic car crash which left him paralyzed waist down. In that accident he had an experience of soul leaving the body known as near death experience by many psychologists. This made him realize how little the margin is between life & death and how much we need to achieve in our lifetime in terms of rising our consciousness & our overall spiritual upliftment.  Since then Varun has decicated himself to this cause and often gives lectures on life & awakening to aspiring yogis.

Pankaj Paswan



Pankaj Paswan is certified yoga teacher possesses a Bachelor of arts in yoga & Naturopathy  from Uttarakhand Open University India. And also certified by International Institute of Yoga and Meditation from Ved Niketan Ashram Ram Jhula Rishikesh India. Currently he is Teaching Pranayama, Yoga Therapy and Meditation. Pankaj Paswan has made a number of people Happy throughout the World Through his Teaching and Therapy Practice. 

Manmohan Singh


Anatomy & Emotional unblockage

 Manmohan singh is a double master degree holder in human psychology, a holistic healer, a life coach, and a healing tattoo artist. Grown up under the parenthood of a naturopath father and Reiki master mother. Manmohan Ji was always inclined towards holistic healing from the young age. Along with the fusion of psychological master degrees. Manmohan Ji has specialized himself in exclusive yogic psychotherapy which is proving to be a very effective tool in yoga practices to overcome psychosomatic disorders like depression and anxiety. 

Dr. Vipul Arya



Dr. Vipul born in Aryan family in north India. He started his spiritual and physical pursuit of yoga under the guidence of his parents according to tradition of his family.

Vipul holds doctor's degree in yoga science. He has two master degree-one in yoga philosophy and other one in Sanskrit (The ancient language of yoga). He has also done post graduste diploma in yoga and holistic health. vipul Has deep knowledge about Ayurveda and Yogic therapeutic system.

Yogi Chandrakant


Hatha Yoga & Philosophy

Doctor Chandrakant born in yogic family in Haridawr, this city close to Rishikesh as well this one of the most popular spiritual city in India.

  He has studied Sanskrit and many religious books like Gita, Upnishad, Vedas & Yoga Sutras etc. He is also conducting fire ceremonies. He has been practicing Meditation for the past 10 years. His aim is to gain and spread knowledge of Yoga to all.  During the course he offer you Hatha yoga and Philosophy.

Pankaj Badoni


 Hatha Yoga

Yogi Pankaj Badoni was born in holy city rishikesh, he has been teaching various kinds of yoga like Hatha yoga, Iyengar yoga and Ashtanga from last 10 years and has mastered it. He did his diploma in yogic science from punjab sindh sadhu maha vidyalaya Rishikesh. He did the teacher training course and since that time he is teaching in Rishikesh. He is a good improvisor, he can enhance his skills in any working condition. 

Hari Kishan


Emotional Unblockage & Naturopathy

Hari ji carries with him an experience of over 20 years of yogic life. He renounced everything at the age of 18 and devoted himself to spiritual life. As a result he has attained a great character and offers Emotional Blockage, Active Meditation & Naturopathy treatment to students during the course in a very kind and professional manner. 

Swami Narayan Ananda



Swami has always been a seeker of truth from his childhood. He spent years with different spiritual masters in the different places for the sake of truth. Later, he started his intense spiritual journey and some unique spiritual practices. These techniques have a powerful impact on spiritual transformation. Now, Swami practices in the presence of holy river Ganga. During the course he offers meditation in Jiva yoga Academy