Vikash Ji

Vikas Pradhan

Master degree in Yoga & E-RYT 500

Vikas is an accomplished teacher of both Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga with more then 10 years experience as a teacher and life long learner of the yogic life style. His talk about Yoga philosophy is very logical, rational and clear. During the course he is offering friendly but in-depth insights to Ashtanga yoga, so one can learn proper adjustment and correct alignment of the postures. Vikas is sincere, confident and resourceful person, always ready to help – his charisma and fun nature are contagious! He has strong will power and he is always ready to learn new things. Vikas believes in teamwork and prides himself on adapting to any student need with ease. He believes in perfection and dedication.

Ram Charit Ji

Swami Ramchrit Das

Master degree in Yoga
Ramcharit Das has been doing Raja and Bhakti Yoga since the tender age of 9. When he came to Rishikesh, he met his great master Swami Veda Bharati, the disciple of Swami Rama, founder of the Himalayan Tradition. He brings 25 years of meditation, yoga nidra and 15 years of Hatha, Philosophy as well as Pranayama experience.

He has done his Bachler degree in Sanskrit and now He is doing his Master degree the science of yoga.

He is a true nature lover and grounded soul who generously shares the gift of ‘real’ yoga. During the course you will learn meditation under his guidance.

Aarti Ji

Arti Ji

Holistic Healer

Arti is a Social Activist, A certified Breathwork facilitator and Reiki master/teacher. Arti has a natural gift for creating a safe and nurturing space for healing and growth. She strives to be a source of compassion, understanding and support for her students, while providing the tools and guidance needed to help them on their journey. Arti works with individuals, couples, and groups to help them find inner peace, clarity, and connection with their true selves. Through her teachings, Arti seeks to empower her students to become the highest version of themselves, so that they can lead meaningful, fulfilling lives.

Outdoor Asana Practice

Ritu Yogini

BSC Yoga Thearapy

Ritu is a professionally qualified and experienced teacher who has completed a BSC. in yoga therapy from Svyasa University and 500 hours TTC from yoga alliance and 300 hours of Yoga Instructor course from a well-reputed Bangalore university. Believe in sharing knowledge clearly and concisely with real-life examples and stories.

She conducts online Hatha yoga sessions and teaches Pranayama, Shatkarma and Anatomy and Physiology classes in Rishikesh.

Yoga Teacher

Vishal Sharma

E-RYT 500 & Master degree
Vishal has been teaching yoga for about 8 years. His dream has always been to share this incredible practice with other people so in 2011 she did a yoga course in Rishikesh to explore this practice deeper and learn more about all the 8 limbs of yoga. He started by teaching beginners and intermediate level students privately and volunteer-based and after that He has become a Yoga instructor for a fleet of super yachts up to 147m in Rishikesh. he is a Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga instructor at Jiva Yoga Academy now, he is a good reformer and can enhance his skills in any working condition.

Yoga Instructor

Gokul Bisht

Master Degree in Yoga
Yogi Gokul is an expert in the field of Yoga Anatomy and Physiology. Since 2014, he has been flawlessly fusing ancient Indian traditions with contemporary know-how. Working with International Yoga Alliance registered courses, his vast experience in various aspects of Yoga allow him to captivate his students’ attention as he eloquently imparts the knowledge he has gained over the years. After acquiring a Masters degree in Yoga, he completed the RYT500 from IYMS Rishikesh. He has even trained students for RYS200 and RYS300 courses in Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation. Currently, he teaches Yoga Anatomy and Physiology in several renowned Yoga Schools. His expertise in multiple strata of Yoga has accustomed him to teach a plethora of subjects in the ancient Indian tool for holistic living.

Our Teacher

Dr. Vipul Arya

PHD Ayurveda & MA Yogic Philosophy
Yogi Vipulraj was born in the northern Indian traditional Aryan family. According to the tradition of his family, he started the spiritual and physical search of yoga under the guidance of his parents. Vipul holds a doctor degree in yoga science. He has two master degrees, being one in yoga philosophy and other in Sanskrit, the ancient language of yoga.He has also acquired a postgraduate diploma in yoga and holistic therapeutic techniques. Many of his research documents on Yoga Culture have been published in some famous yoga journals. Vipul has been teaching yoga asana, Sanskrit, and philosophy for many years. His methodology focuses on panic energy healing for opening psychic channels and mental peace.

He teaches with a style of scientific approach to ensure a proper alignment in every posture. His classes are taught in a conscious balance of strength and relaxation to create a loving and peaceful environment. Vipul is always passionate about sharing his understanding and vast experience of the traditional Himalayan yoga, which he has inherited through his parents from a lineage of the ancient yogis.

Our teacher -Preetam

Preetam Rawat

Master Degree in Yoga
Yogi Pritam, manager and Hatha Yoga Instructor of Anand Yog Rishikesh with considerable experience of teaching and practicing yoga is a gentle soul. His sheer inclination towards spirituality and absolute precision in teaching creates an ambiance of harmony and love. Pritam is also a practitioner of acupressure since he acquired the knowledge and certification long ago. Due to his knowledge of acupressure other healing sciences and under the guidance of masters, his approach is basically therapy based. He is also versed in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.