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Yogini Gabriela

E-RYT 500

Gabriela has been teaching yoga for about 8 years. Her dream has always been to share this incredible practice with other people so in 2011 she did yoga course in Rishikesh to explore this practice deeper and learn more about all the 8 limbs of yoga. In beginning She started to teach beginners and intermediate level students privately and volunteer-based and after that she has been a Yoga instructor for a fleet of super yachts up to 147m in the United Arab Emirate. She is hatha yoga instructor at Jiva Yoga Academy now, She is a good reformer and can enhance her skills in any working condition.

Vikas Pradhan

Master degree in Yoga & E-RYT 500

Vikas is accomplished teacher of both Ashtanga and Hatha yoga over 10 years experience as a teacher and life long learner of the yogic life style. His talk about Yoga philosophy is very logical, rational and fair. During the course he will offer friendly expert insights to Ashtanga yoga, where you will learn proper adjustment and alignment of the postures. Vikas is hardworking, sincere, confident and an enthusiastic person – his charisma and fun nature is infectious! he has strong will power and he is always ready to learn new things. Vikas believes in teamwork and prides himself on adapting to any environment or student need with ease. He believes in perfection and dedication.

Gokul Singh

Master degree in Yoga

Gokul Bisht is a master degree holder in Yoga from Uttrakhand Sanskrit University. He is teaching all yogic techniques including Pranayama, yogic cleansing and Anatomy for years. Now he teaches Anatomy and Shatakarma in Jiva Yoga academy. Gokul Bisht has specialized himself in exclusive yogic psychotherapy which is proving to be a very effective tool in yoga practices to overcome psychosomatic disorders like depression and anxiety. He has taken multiple workshops regarding yoga asana effect at  human body. He is a great instructor for teaching the importance of Anatomy, Pranayama and Ayurveda in yoga.

Pankaj Badoni

Master degree in Yoga

Pankaj born in Rishikesh, he trained by a very popular master Vishvaguru in Ved Niketan Dham in Rishikesh. After completion his diploma in Ved Niketan Dham he was teaching there seven years, he is currently teaching students in Jiva Yoga Academy of deep knowledge of Hatha Yoga and Iyenger Yoga. He is very popular among the students for his teaching style by which he conveys his knowledge in details of asana.

Pritam Singh Rawat

Bachelor degree in Yoga & E-RYT 200

Yogi Pritam, is a Reiki, Meditation and Instructor of Jiva Yoga Academy with considerable experience of teaching and practicing yoga is a gentle soul. His sheer inclination towards spirituality and absolute precision in teaching creates an ambiance of harmony and love. Pritam is also a practitioner of acupressure since he acquired the knowledge and certification long ago. Due to his knowledge of acupressure other healing sciences and under the guidance of masters, his approach is basically therapy based. He is also versed in Hatha Yoga.

Varun Jain

Bachelor degree in Yoga

Varun is a great teacher at Jiva Yoga Academy. At the age of 19 he suffered a tragic car crash which left him paralyzed waist down. In that accident he had an experience of soul leaving the body known as near death experience by many psychologists. This made him realize how little the margin is between life & death and how much we need to achieve in our lifetime in terms of rising our consciousness & our overall spiritual upliftment. Since then Varun has dedicated himself in yogic way, he gives Yogic Philosophy lectures on life & awakening to aspiring yogis.

You can meet our teachers and have a taste on how they work booking a private online class with them: https://jivayogaacademy.org/online-yoga/ 

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Badrinath road, Tapovan, Jiva Yoga Academy.

Rishikesh : 249201

Uttrakhand, India

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